I would be conducting a 2 day public workshop on Agile Testing. The workshop focuses on how to be a successful tester in an Agile environment employing Scrum.

Workshop Objectives

  • Over the period of 2-day course, we go beyond the buzzword of Agile Testing and attempt to explore the term beyond theory.
  • This course teaches testers how’s and why’s of moving from traditional projects to Agile projects, changing their mindset to whole team approach as well as tackling the obstacles in their way.
  • It discusses how the traditional processes of defect tracking, metrics, audits etc translate into Agile.
  • Attendees will learn how to complete testing activities in short iterations, and how testers contribute on a daily basis during each iteration and release cycle.
  • Through interactive exercises and group discussions, participants will discover good strategies for driving development with automated as well as manual tests.

Learning Objectives

  • Scrum as the most common agile management process
  • Scrum Roles
  • Estimation and Planning for testers
  • Transitioning from being a traditional tester to Agile Tester
  • Agile test automation – Type of tools that could be employed at different levels
  • Extensions to Noun Verb Technique and Q-Patterns
  • Exploratory Testing, SBTM
  • Agile testing quadrants and how they can be used to cover all testing needs for the project
  • Driving development using business–facing tests and technology-facing tests
  • Issues/Challenges in Agile
  • Being semi-Agile – Not bad after all

If you are interested in attending the workshop/knowing further details, please use the contact form or write to me at

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