It has been a little more than an year since I announced and wrote my story about becoming an independent testing consultant and coach.

Anjan Nayak, one of my friends from McAfee called me up last week and congratulated. I did not even realize that one year had passed by, else I would have written this post on May 1st when I completed one year.

In this one year, I have experimented a lot, which would not have been possible while being an employee. I explored business side of things, consulted for multiple companies, coached hundreds of testers, delved deeper into existing skill-set, explored totally new technologies for me and so on. I also ended up setting-up 2 start-ups in the last one year with a couple of bright freshers whom I hired:

  • Test Mile ( – Software testing consulting and outsourced services
  • Talent Reboot ( – Coaching, Interviewing and Competency Assessment

Has it been easy? Not at all. I had my moments of anxiety, fear and concern.

Has it been fun? Yes, beyond I had imagined when I took my first step last year.

Am I contented? Am I happy with the way I have handled things? Not fully.

Could I have done more? Can I better arrange my time and efforts? Yes, there is a lot of scope for improvement. There is a lot planned for this year.

The past one year has been the richest year in my career in terms of learning. Irrespective of what happens next, the knowledge and experience gained is going to stay with me in future.

With a deep sense of happiness, I hereby extend my experiment by one more year.

5 Responses to “An Year of Anxiety, Experiments and Accomplishments”

  1. srinivas kadiyala

    Congrats … All the best for future.

  2. Sneh

    You are true inspiration..keep it going Sir

  3. Suman A

    Congrats ! and wish you good luck for the future .

  4. Piyush

    Rahul – Its great to see you progressing well…..congrats and hope for a great future…

  5. Anand

    Great going, Rahul! I’m happy I’m able to participate in some of your efforts at least!


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