I’m going to present a half-day tutorial as a part of STeP-IN SUMMIT 2012 on February 10, 2012 at Taj Deccan, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad. You can find the registration details here. This is the second time, I’m presenting a tutorial at Hyderabad, after last year’s tutorial on Design and Implementation of Test Automation Frameworks, which was received very well.

Following are further details about the same:


I am writing this introduction and other contents as a direct address to you, the readers of this page. That is the first box I want to break, which says that tutorial introductions should be formal.

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As testing knowledge base is growing, our profession is becoming more and more confusing. So many terms, so many views. Expectations are ever-increasing. I have put together this presentation with various thoughts from my experience. I have tried to put together things which we would rather discuss over gossips in breaks, with our close friends. But I also wanted to have practical testing exercises and not just gyan. What has resulted is a tutorial which is unconventional. There are no definitions, no types of testing. For a change we will discuss on testing itself. For a change, we will discuss on thinking. I could be wrong about a lot of things which I say. But then you have to be there to prove it! You have to put forward your perspective to help me in realizing that. When you choose to attend, please wear your “Debate/Argue Hat”. You are going to need that.

There are various boxes that we have created for ourselves and others. Some of them include:

  • The Team Player Box
  • The Bias Box
  • The Expert Tester Box
  • The Best Stuff Box
  • The Tester Type Box
  • The Experience Box
    And so on…

In this tutorial, through various stories from my testing experience and from the world around us, I discuss on acknowledging that these boxes exist and what is their impact on testing. For a chosen few of them, there would be exercises for you through which you would possibly realise the value of anti-boxing.

The examples discussed would touch various areas of testing like test designing, reviewing, test metrics, bug logging, certifications, testing experience, test automation and testing various attributes of a software like functionality, performance, security and usability.


Presentation, Brainstorming, Questioning, Debating, Exercises

Key Benefits

This workshop has managed to change the thinking of only a handful of testers so far out of about 100 testers who have attended it. Most of them enjoyed attending it, others felt intimidated and a few testers who were dissatisfied with testing profession went back with renewed pride about their profession and what they should be doing next.

What would you gain? Would it change the way you test? Would it change the way you think about yourself as a tester, about other testers, about developers…? At the end of the presentation, would you belong to the third category of attendees mentioned above, whose perspective about testing was changed?

Frankly, I don’t know. Nobody can say that for sure. Can a presentation change lives? Well, it can and it can’t. So, attend at your own risk. It’s your time. If you choose to do so, make these few hours the liveliest hours you have spent in any training by participating.

Intended Audience

Testers, Managers, College Graduates, Students, Quality Leaders

Audience Pre-requisites

An open mind. We all carry one. It just needs a little dusting. Choose to be yourself for my session and respect other souls.

Content flow

  • Setting up some expectations ( and breaking some )
  • The Bias Box
  • The Blame Box
  • Case Study: 3 Idiots
  • The Measurement Box
  • Case Study: Meet The Spartans, Plan 9 From Outer Space
  • The Good-Guy Box
  • Why Questioning and Opinions Matter?
  • Practical Exercise on Structured Questioning
  • The Best Stuff Box
  • Acknowledging Perceptions
  • Importance of Context
  • The Tester-Type Box
  • Exercise
  • The Certification Box
  • The Heroes Box
  • Concluding Thoughts

4 Responses to “Anti-Boxing: Thrive in QA (@ Hyderabad)”

  1. Anand

    All the best, rahul!

  2. Rahul Verma

    Thanks Anand!

  3. kishore

    Hi Rahul,
    I could imagine the crowd and their gesture during the presentation. I am assuming as per the content above.
    All the best. Wish you could do similar events in Delhi NCR

  4. Rahul Verma

    @ Kishore,

    Your assumption is correct. It turned out to be a very successful session, where some testers approached me after during the breaks and expressed how it has changed the way they thought about testing and themselves as testers.

    I’m open to taking up this tutorial at NCR. I’ll put forward this idea to the NCRTMM committee, so that they could include it in their agenda in upcoming events.

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