In my role as Chief Testing Officer at Test Mile Software Testing Pvt Ltd,  I recently consulted for an exploratory product comparison testing for FotoBounce(TM) along with a team of Test Milers. As a company, Test Mile is known for being a skilled testing team with a strong knowledge of coding. I have been advocating programming as an essential skill for testers. This is first time that Test Mile handled a project that did not involve programming, and I hope that the report shared herein once again reinforces the message that knowledge of coding does not hamper your exploration skills rather it is a valuable asset.

Products compared

FotoBounce(TM) Desktop application was compared in terms of its face recognition capabilities with Google Picasa(TM), Apple iPhoto(TM) and Microsoft Photo Gallery(TM). (All the names mentioned here are registered trademarks of the respective companies.)


  • It was undertaken as a 2-week project by Test Mile.
  • A photo-set of 400 photographs spread across 8 events/groups was considered
  • The sequence of operations in terms of adding groups, tagging faces etc. was consistently done across all products
  • The steps were executed by a single engineer, in multiple uninterrupted sessions with extensive note taking
  • Comparison parameters were identified in collaboration with FotoBounce team
  • The exploratory session reports were later consolidated and the report was furnished

On the Degree of Independence

  • Right from the first discussion, FotoBounce team was on the same page as Test Mile in terms of independence of testing.
  • FotoBounce team had not control over which photographs are picked up, the final list of comparison metrics and the way Test Mile planned to do it.
  • I really appreciate FotoBounce team’s openness to publish Test Mile report as such, without removing the sections which point out the areas wherein their product needs to improve. It is a sign of great professionalism.

Press Release by FotoBounce

FotoBounce team is very confident about the technicalities of Test Mile’s testing, and they have gone ahead and made a public press release on their website. It includes the full product comparison report prepared by Test Mile.

You can check the complete online report below:


I strongly hope that the above is a great demonstration of what Test Mile can offer in the space of outsourced testing world.

2 Responses to “Case Study: Exploratory Product Comparison of FotoBounce(TM)”

  1. srinivas kadiyala (S.K.C)

    Great sir, Thanks for sharing.

  2. Somu Thangjam

    Comparison testing is rare but interesting as you explore various products which do almost the same thing in their different ways. “Software Testing & quality assurance: from traditional to cloud computing” book has some good stuff on this subject which i liked.

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