The title of the blog Web Performance Matters is a very tricky one. When I read the title, it conveyed two meanings to me. First that this blog deals with ‘matters related to web performance’ (more of a spoken English usage). Second that the performance factor of a web site is of utmost importance, it matters! The blog justifies both these thoughts. The contents of the blog are focused on the matters related to performance of websites and the way the contents are put signifies the importance of performance. On the whole, it is an excellent blog on the subject of performance engineering.

Chris Loosley (Principal and CTO, Upright Marketing) is the author of the book High Performance Client/Server. This is his note about his blog:

Responsive sites can make the online experience effective, even enjoyable. A slow site can be unusable. This site is about online performance, how to achieve and maintain it, its impact on user experience, and ultimately on site effectiveness.

While writing for his blog he has been putting things in quite detail. You can find articles on various aspects of performance engineering and book reviews. Some of his significant posts include those on Rich Internet Applications, Performance wisdom, Performance measurements, Performance and usability etc. Recently, he has been visiting various blogs and sites and his latest posts provide a summarized version of relevant posts and their analysis. It’s good to see that someone has spared his precious time and has done the ground work for us.

I feel reading his blog worth my time. You might share the same thought once you visit it. I especially like the use of images in the blog; they are always interesting and more often than not, contain some quick performance tips.

Rahul Verma

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