There are a lot of training companies offering trainings in several areas of testing today. They have big offices, large workforce, good marketing people, multiple trainers etc. The question is that in the light of this fact, why should an organization engage me as a coach or why should an individual attend my workshop?

There are several reasons for you to consider:

  • Course Design: All my workshops are designed after careful analysis of what is available in the market. I have put together my courses very carefully to deliver the best value. Compare any of my available course with the equivalent options available in the market for contents.
  • Course Delivery:  Several people would vouch for my presentation and teaching skills. Teaching is my passion and I have done theater for more than 12 years. My theater experience helps me in building stories around concepts that are difficult to comprehend otherwise.
  • Focus on Skills rather than tools and processes: My courses are focused on skill building rather than elaborate processes or specific tools. I treat processes and tools as a tester’s buddies. A tester with strong skill set would be able to develop tailored processes and choose the tools that are best suited for a context.
  • Focus on Controlled Coverage: In my workshops, I do not try to bundle too many things into a small span of time. I’m detail-oriented. So, the attendees would find that I design my courses as per the number of days and keeping audience in mind, so that whatever we cover is covered in detail.
  • Focus on Hands-On: All my workshops are focused on hands-on exercises in addition to solid concepts coverage. I consistently insist on practice. That’s what Testing Perspective is about – Learn, Practice, Perform.
  • Explain your corporate needs once:  I offer multiple coaching programmes that touch various areas of software testing, test automation and Python development. So, for organizations looking at wholesome development of a testing team in various areas as well as organizations facing problems in various areas of testing, need to explain the problem only to one person, not to multiple coaches/consultants.
  • Factory-To-Consumer Model: You know that the person to whom you are talking business is the same person who is going to coach your testers, consult for you, every time! No middlemen! You know that if I commit to something, I mean it. Through a chain of people, at times false commitments happen in terms of coverage, dates, cost etc. Even if the eventual consultant attempts to abide them, the quality is compromised often because of dissatisfaction.
  • How I Engage With Resellers: I have associated with 2 resellers so far who have sold my coaching service to their clients. Why the equation remains the same is that they allowed me to directly talk to their clients right from initial meetings! That’s the sole reason to engage with them anyways. They know what I can do. They trust me. In turn, I have made their clients happy. I engage with only those reseller companies who value quality. So, if you hear about any of my course being offered through a third party, you can be sure of the same quality as if you had directly engaged me for the service to begin with.
  • Consistency in Quality: You know the quality of the workshops is going to be consistently good and constantly improved via feedback and suggestions. This happens because every time it is me who is going to serve you. If you hear from person X about me, you can be sure that I would deliver the same or better quality of service. This is unlike big organizations, where at different time, different people could be serving you although the service in question is same. So, you never know!
  • Pricing: I know the market. I know it in terms of cost. I know it in terms of courses and their contents. I know the expectations of testers and why they are unhappy with most of the trainings available. You can be sure that my courses are priced best for the value I deliver.
  • No Additional Cost for Tailoring of Courses: Unlike many companies, I don’t charge for tailoring of my courses as per your needs, as long as I have the contents available. There have been various instances, where I developed even  a part of the contents specifically for a client. You can also club modules from various different trainings offered by me into a single programme. Flexibility at its best!
  • Clubbing Additional Services: You also have a choice to club my coaching service with my consulting, interviewing and competency assessment services.
  • Depth of my Subject Knowledge: I have been a hands-on tester throughout my career as an employee. I devised several innovative ways of executing testing projects, coming up with test ideas, test automation etc.
  • Practice in Coaching: I have coached 1000+ testers so far in various forums in various areas of testing across 50+ presentations/tutorials/workshops. Each instance taught me something. I improved every time. Feedback is an important mechanim for improvement, and I have dealt with it in a very professional manner.
  • Ethics, Punctuality and Other Personal Values: If I cannot deliver what you need, I would say an upfront ‘No’ during the initial discussions itself. I draw clear boundaries around the level and dimensions of my skills. My direct clients consider this part of my personality as my consultant as one of my strongest assets. I’m happy to have a handful of clients who are looking forward to a long term relationship. I have never been late for any of my assignments. I consider my personal values as my strongest asset beyond being a tester altogether. I’m listing this one at the end, not because it is least important, but because it should be a given. A consultant/coach must be ethical. You can count on me!
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  1. rahul dagar

    pls d answer these question its very imp

  2. Rahul Verma

    Hi Rahul,

    I’m sorry. You are knocking the wrong door. I help testers in finding the answers, rather than answering it for them.


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