Now that Test Mile, the company I founded, has completed one year of serving its customers, the industry is also gaining confidence in us. YourStory found the story interesting and has published an article capturing my story, how Test Mile was born and how it is different from all other testing services providers because of our Packaged Software testing services offering.

I went through a lot of decision making about the testing services to offer and how to offer them. I am happy to observe that the business decision to make pricing public – transparent, flexible and affordable is being welcomed by the industry.

You can read the complete article by clicking this link.

2 Responses to “My Story @ YourStory!”

  1. vinodh

    inspiring. I commend your boldness because I am not aware of independent testers in india other than pradeep.

  2. Rahul Verma

    Thanks Vinodh. Pradeep is one of the key people who inspired me to venture into independent consulting. Today, although I have changed course and set up an outsourced testing company, but that step was the most critical step in this direction.

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