After the dogma created by various schools of thought, my frustration with these absolutist ways has led me to create a school of testing for myself.

I hate belonging, as when you belong, you stop asking the tough questions. So, I created a school about freedom, about people, about learning.

Feel free to ‘belong’ to this school if that’s what you would want to do. In this school, belonging means you belong and ‘un-belong’ to all schools:

The Pluralistic School of Testing

2 Responses to “The Pluralistic School of Testing”

  1. Atinderpal Singh

    Hello Sir
    I want to join this school. Hope I also become the student for life, of this school

    • Rahul Verma

      🙂 I guess this school is more of a self-realization and state of mind. If you want to “join”, I guess you already have. Enjoy! Thanks for your comment.

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