I am going to present at PyCon India 2010. PyCon India is the primary Python conference in India. A purely volunteer effort, it is being hosted for the second time in India, and has attracted some of the best Python developers in India and abroad, which is demonstrated by the number and quality of paper submissions.. The conference will take place on 25th and 26th, September 2010.

The topic is “Using Python to Build a General Purpose Test Framework“. In the 45 minute talk I am going to discuss some of practical test automation problems that I addressed in the implementation of such a framework for my team.

The talk is about using Python as the primary language for building a test automation platform that can be used by developers as well as testers to support unit testing, component testing and system testing activities for my team. The core part of the framework is fully in Python and employs Django for web interface, SQLite for DB, Apache as the web server as well as the controller mechanism, WMI for windows performance metrics collection etc.

The framework that I am going to discuss has employed very simple ways to address complex requirements, some of which were experimental at the time but proved to be very successful. It’s not a talk on ROI of test automation or management related stuff; it’s going to be a core technical talk on practical implementation of the framework and its internals.

Further details @

My talk is scheduled for the second day of the conference i.e. 26th.

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