Pattern thinking is one of the most import skills to learn. Patterns tell us repeatable ways of solving a family of problems. Anti-patterns tell us what to avoid unless we want to land in trouble.

I was invited to speak at CMG India Chapters’s 6th Regional Conference at Bangalore to present on a performance engineering subject. So, I thought to present my second talk in the series of Pattern Thinking presentations that I plan to do, the first one being for test automation architects, which got me the Best Speaker award at Unicom’s annual testing conference earlier this year.

A key aspect of performance engineering is to appreciate and identify patterns across the life-cycle of performance testing. The thought process must extend to avoiding anti-patterns as well. These patterns exist for design of software, design of simulation for performance tests, measurements as well as analysis of results. This presentation by me introduced pattern thinking in layman’s terms and touched upon some of these patterns and anti-patterns in performance engineering that already exist as well as ones that I have identified (and named).

You can find the slides for my talk below. I would also encourage you to check the CMG India’s website and register with the forum. It’s free. You might want to check CMG India’s upcoming annual conference in November this year to be held at Bangalore. The registration fees are very nominal and it’s going to be an exciting conference.


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