I love poetry which calls for multiple interpretations. I’m a fan of ghazals especially the ones from the shayars (poets) whose poetry can be quoted in various contexts.

In this post, I have chosen a couplet from Ghalib‘s ghazal – “Har Ek Baat…”:

English Transliteration

ragoN meiN dauDte firne ke ham naheeN qaayal
jab aaNkh hee se na Tapka to fir lahoo kya hai ?

Literary Translation

I’m not satisfied if it’s running through my veins; If it doesn’t drip from my eyes, what’s the value of my blood?

Context for Testers

We could learn a hundred testing techniques, cram one thousand terms, claim to know a lot on the subject of software testing, that “testing runs in my blood”, “testing is in my DNA” – all this is of no use if it doesn’t reflect in our work.

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