The ISQT Theme conference scheduled for 23rd July in Bangalore is all about “Security and Performance”.

I will be presenting on the topic of Fuzzing (aka Fuzz Testing) in the conference. I have been working in this area for an year, understanding and experimenting with related concepts and tools.

Following is the list of all the presentations that will be a part of the conference, following an inaugural keynote:

“Penetration Testing by SMM (Security Man Machine) Triangle Approach “, by Dr. Nanda Kumar.R, Tech- QE- Lead, Yahoo! R&D India Development Center

“Fuzzing – A Primer for Software Testers”, by Rahul Verma , Sr. Software QA Engineer, net Software

“UTM (Unified Threat Management) Test Procedure Network Security Domain”, by Radhika Limaye, ISS Team, IBM

“Confidence in a connected World – Where are your vulnerabilities? – Risks, Vulnerabilities and Insecurities” by Mahesh Saptarshi, Sr Manager, Product Security Group, Symantec

“Creating and Managing Performance Test Framework”,
by Anand Parekh, Senior Test Manager, Infosys Technologies

“System Capacity Planning” , by Jothi Gouthaman,
Lead – Performance Testing Specialist Group, Accenture

” Improving Application Performance IN JAVA” , by Megha Fulfagar, Software Engineer , Accenture

“PDQ SOA SLA! – SOA Performance is a Critical Success Factor”, by Rajesh Patil, Head of Delivery, BFSI AppLabs

“Calculating ROI for Performance Testing”
by Lily Sharma, SME Performance Testing, Accenture

“Benchmarking RESTFUL Web Service API’s”, by Swaminathan Seetharaman, Quality Engineering Manager, Yahoo! R&D India Development Center

You can find registration and other details on the ISQT Security and Performance Theme Conference page. The page as of now is undergoing some changes, but is good enough to provide you with relevant details.

See you at the conference!

Rahul Verma

Site Admin, Testing Perspective

2 Responses to “Presenting at upcoming ISQT Theme Conference at Bangalore”

  1. Nanda

    It was great Meet. We all shared a lot of information.

  2. Rahul Verma

    Hi Nanda,

    Thanks for the visit.

    Ya! It was a great meet. Such conferences are especially helpful for networking.

    I wanted to bring into your knowledge,the Java version of Python — JYTHON. As you are a Java guy, it might be of interest to you.

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