This is a software testing post, although not in the most conventional ways. It is mix of several expectaions some of which are genuine but when we put together all of them, a tester must be the real world avatar of comic book super heroes. Enjoy!

If someone is planning to use it for their next job opening for testers, please keep me posted 🙂


Tester – A Semi-fictional Superhero

Tester बस वो चाहिये, tester जो घनघोर

ब्रह्मा, विश्नु, महादेव, और सिपाही, चोर

सब आतीं technique हों, सब आतीं approach

एक निराला ढंग हो, और अनोखी सोच

पढता लिखता खूब हो, वाद-विवाद में तेज

management का लाडला, English में अंग्रेज

जिस feature में risk हो, पहले करता test

खाना पानी बाद में, लेता कभी ना rest

पूरी समझ design की, लिख सकता हो code

feedback के तौर पर, cover करे हर road

कम से कम इक blog हो, paper लिखें हों चार

किसी विदेशी board का member भी हो यार

performance भी देख ले, कर दे सब secure,

usable है कि नहीं, functions क्या हैं sure

testing exploratory, या scripted ज्ञान

जैसा भी context हो, करता वो सम्मान

जो dev team का दोस्त हो, सब झगडों से दूर

bug की counting छोड कर, बस testing में चूर

जैसा जब जब चाहिये, कर ले automate

पर इक tool के base pe, करे ना खुद को rate

जो अपनी profile में, लिखे ना कोई झूठ

ethics से भरपूर हो, faking से हो फूट

जो विद्या को बांटने, में रखता विशवास

ऐसे tester से मुझे, मिलने की है आस

ऐसे tester से मुझे, मिलने की है आस

[/one-half] [one-half-last]

English Translation ( Please read he as he/she as per comfort )

That tester is needed, who is a tremendous tester

He is Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahaadev ( Creator, sustains, destroys software)

He is the police and he is the thief

He knows all the techniques and approaches

He has his unique style and a different mindset

He studies on testing and writes about it and is an expert in debates

He is favourite of the  management, ans speaks English like Englishmen

He tests first that feature which is more risky

He gives preference to work, rather than food and rest

He understands design fully, and can write code

As feedback , he covers every road ( code coverage etc.)

He should have a blog of his won and should have written atleast 4 papers

And he should be a member of an international board

He should check the s/q for performance, make sure it is secure

Is it usable? Are the functions working for sure?

He is well versed with scripted and exploratory testing

He understands the context and gives due respect to all approaches

He is a friend of developers, does not indulge in fights

He does not count number of bugs logged, rather is fully engrossed in testing

He automates tests  as and when required

But he does not rate himself based on a given tool knowledge

He never lies about his skills in his profile

He is full of ethics and has enemity with faking

He trusts in sharing knowledge

And we look forward to meeting such a tester


7 Responses to “Tester – A Semi-fictional Superhero ( Hinglish Poem )”

  1. Manav

    Lovely concoction….

    • Rahul Verma

      @Manav, Chenni, Anit,


  2. Chenni

    A good collection of “ideal” qualities in a tester.

  3. Anit Patel

    Really nice one, Ruhul… Very Creative 🙂

  4. Mohit

    Well wrote !!

    Finally i got someone who really think about testing & enjoy it..

    Thanks for sharing such a nice poem..


  5. Rahul Verma

    Thanks Mohit.

  6. Abhishek

    Loved the poem Rahul. I had a wish to meet you and to attend your training’s .

    Even though we have crossed our ways many times, cause we have worked in the same organization (your last org.) at one point of time but unfortunately I could never get a chance to meet you personally (despite of having many common friends ). I wish to attend your future workshops if time allows me. As of now, I am following your blog and getting to learn lot of things.

    Also, I am learning Python these days, and thought of downloading your book on design patterns but it’s displaying 404 error. Will it be possible for you to fix the link or make the book available here?

    Thanks for your kind help and for all the knowledge you have shared here which made me a little better tester than who I was.

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