I attended the TEST2008 conference at New Delhi from Oct 13 – Oct 15 as the conference coordinator and as a presenter on the subject of Fuzzing Frameworks.

I am very happy to share with you all that I have received the Testing Thought Leadership Award for How Would Pareto Learn(tm) Python – the free online book on Python scripting, the compilation of views on the subject of Schools of Testing and the general contribution to the Indian Testing Community via Testing Perspective website, at TEST2008. The conference was organized by PureConferences. I had put details about this conference in a previous blog post. Thanks to all of you and to Vipul Kocher (Director, PureConferences) for accepting my humble efforts.

Added to this, my paper “Building a Fuzzing Framework – A Primer for Software Testers” received the Best Innovative Paper Award based on the audience feedback and ratings of review panel.

It was a great experince being at TEST2008, attending high quality presentations and networkng with some of the greatest testing minds in the world.

Rahul Verma

Site Admin, Testing Perspective

10 Responses to “Testing Thought Leadership Award for Testing Perspective!”

  1. Pradeep Soundararajan


  2. Rahul Verma

    Thanks Pradeep.

    Talking with you about testing and snippets of your experience in the industry was great.

    At times I tend to feel bad about some of the things that happended in my career. But I am thouroughly inspired by the way you managed the rough path to become the most confident and energetic person I have ever met.

    I found your session on RST great, especially the dice exercise. I look forward to attending similar sessions from you in future.

  3. Anuj Magazine

    Congratulations Rahul!

  4. Rahul Verma

    Thanks Anuj.

  5. Inder P Singh

    Congrats Rahul! We will look forward to greater contributions from you to the testing community.

  6. Rahul Verma

    Thanks Inder!

    I am extremely happy to get this award because when I weighed it against my achievements so far, I found it much heavier. Since I came back from the conference, I have been feeling the weight of this award. I am happy that it made me realize that I have to do much more!

    I picked up my open-source project in Python i.e. PyRAFT and started looking at its design. I am in the process of its design documentation and in the process making much needed enhancements and corrections. You can also see the frequency at which the tutorials are appearing for the same.

    It’s all about the encouraging comments from people like you that keep me engaged in this website and in other activities in the testing community.

    Thanks for the visit.

  7. Jaanvi

    Congratulations Rahul
    I found your website very informative. Hope to have some more great posts from you which will help me evolve as a tester.

  8. Rahul Verma

    Hi Jaanvi,

    Thanks for the visit and the wishes.

    Good to hear that you have liked my website. I am a learner in software testing and this site is like a notepad wherein I put some random learnings. I wish some of them could be of help to the community.

    I would be happy to offer space on this website as a platform to host your articles.


  9. Muntaz


    I have 3 + years of experience in Software Testing. But I think that I wanna learn more and I am too lazy to do that.

    Can you please help me in building my future and can you please give me some assignments which help me learn more and better.

    Thanks and Congrats,

  10. Rahul Verma

    Hi Muntaz,

    Thanks for visiting Testing Perspective.

    Nobody can build your future apart from you, though you can take guidance from the collective experience and intelligence of the testing community (of which I am just a humble part).

    We can start off by understanding what you have worked upon so far and your areas of interest. Please use the contact form on the website to share this information to start the discussion.

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