It has not been long that I heard about the concept of “Schools of Testing”. But in the past few months, I could see a lot of debate regarding this concept on some web sites, blogs and discussion groups. In other words, before I could understand the concept fully, I was bewildered by multiple opinions about it, including those which questioned the very existence of this concept. I could see experts explaining with great patience about the base concept, I could see people who do not agree to the concept and yet another set of people saying, ‘please stop this fight over the concept and let’s get to something worthwhile’.

You might ask – “What do you think about the concept?”. The answer is simple – “As of now, I do not know!”. There is a beautiful quote – “Do not choose to be wrong for the sake of being different.“. So, I have not started writing on this topic to study all thoughts and then devise some other way which is different from all. There is lot of confusion floating around on the subject. So, I thought that the best I can do at present is that I will study and analyze what different experts have to say on the topic. I wish that through this process of analysis, I myself form an opinion, to be shared with you.

Just to put on record – whatever I am going to write here is my opinion about what a particular expert’s opinion might be! If there is any discrepency in my analysis, please discuss here in the blog, as that might be a flaw in my analysis and not in a particular expert’s thought.

In the posts that follow, I would try to organize and put thoughts on the subject, keeping the subject line in a similar fashion. Keep visiting!

Rahul Verma

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