I presented “The Dogmatic Agile” at Delhi Software Testing Conference.

There is Agile. And then there is the The Dogmatic Agile – a system which lays down the incontrovertible truths, principles which you can not change if you want to be called Agile. This talk discusses Agile in the Indian context, a world where everybody is either already Agile (self-proclaimed) or wants to be Agile, with a lot of focus on the “capital A” Agile, rather than being simply “agile”. The latter is what we need to be, but the former is what brings the brand forward, so everybody wants to be a part of silly race they are going to lose. This talk questioned the core beliefs of The Dogmatic Agile, the challenges which Indian testing teams face and the baggage of unneeded rituals such a system brings to the table, while loosing sight of the actual goal – a high quality product. As I assume Indians to be very intelligent, so what is it, if not our deliberate blindness, when comes to Agile?

Following are the slides for your viewing and thinking pleasure.

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