I am happy to announce my first public workshop on web security testing, after having undertaken the same in the form of corporate workshops for various organizations for testers and developers.

Download the Web Security Testing Workshop brochure

The workshop is on Nov 26-27, 2011 @ Hotel Shilton Royale, Bangalore.

It is prepared with the goal of being best in the market and at the most competitive pricing. I am a practitioner myself, who has chosen to be an individual contributor despite my years of experience in testing. With this I believe, I am able to cater better to the needs of testing practitioners that need more practical inputs than vague discussions.

The base content was ready in the end of last year. I have taken more than 10 months to polish the material before announcing this workshop. I wanted to be sure that I deliver the best value.

The batch size is restricted to a maximum size of 12 so that I am able to give more time to each attendee. The purpose of this workshop is not just to make money for me. The purpose is also about how happy each one of you is about spending your own money or company’s money on this training.

Please use the contact form or write to me – to get other details.

There are discounts for group registrations.

2 Responses to “Web Application Security Testing Workshop on Nov 26-27 @ Bangalore”

  1. Santhosh Tuppad

    I recommend 🙂

  2. Jeremy Jarrett

    Is there a way you could actually email me and give me more details on ethical hacking

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