About My Thoughts

The thoughts expressed herein are mine and should in no manner be linked to the organization (s) with which I am (or have been) associated. With the same intention, I have not put my current employer’s name at any place on the site. the purpose of this site is to learn from and share knowledge with the testing community.

About Discussions on the Website

The contents of this website frequently talk about work done by testing experts. I respect them all and wherever possible, I would provide the links and references. At places, I agree to and at others disagree to their opinions. My ideas are open to challenge and debate and I would be happy to start discussion about the same on Testing Perspective or any other forum. The debates on Testing Perspective are all about agreeing or disagreeing on testing concepts and not about hurting any one’s personal feelings. The site is not responsible for any personal remarks made by the participants on any one in any discussion and will actively try to moderate such comments.

About Links to Websites/Blogs

The site contains links to a lot of testing resources, which is done with the intention of sharing relevant web resources with you. As can be understood that I have no control over the contents of such resources. If any of them contains, for example copyrighted materials or some information which is against the interest of any organization, there is little that I can do except for removing the corresponding link from my site. Please inform me about any such links. Conversely, if the owner of any such resource does not want it to be listed on this site, please bring into my knowledge for immediate action.


The site actively moderates the SPAM comments. At times, when it appeared to be included in some campaign, spam of the order of 150/per day was received. As such comments often have offending contents, the site is not responsible for any such comments what slip through unnoticed and get published on the website. Please help in fighting spam and bring any such unwanted comments into the Site Admin’s notice.

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