[header]Areas of Coaching – Trainings and Workshops[/header]

Following are the various areas in which I provide coaching. You can check the modules available for each area. Any given instance of coaching is a combination of modules, with tailoring of contents if required.

[one-third][header]Software Testing[/header] These workshops are developed with Unified Software Testing approach at the core that is developed based on a blend of techniques and ideas from various schools of thought.

[/one-third] [one-third][header]Test Automation[/header]

Test Automation is my area of research and I have introduced several innovative ways of designing and building test automation frameworks. I offer test automation training focusing primarily on designing and implementing in-house test automation tools that range from small context-specific tools to test automation frameworks to test automation support systems.

Python language is primary language medium used for my trainings. Wherever needed, I supplement the contents with a crash course on Python.

[/one-third] [one-third-last][header]Agile Testing[/header] Explore the wonderful world of opportunities which Agile brings for a tester in exercising her potential to the fullest.

[/one-third-last] [one-third][header]Python Programming[/header] [/one-third] [one-third][header]Web Security Testing[/header] [/one-third] [one-third-last][header]Web Performance Testing[/header] [/one-third-last] [header]Types of Coaching[/header] [one-half] [header]Corporate Workshops[/header]
  • Happens when an organization, as a client, wants to engage me for a workshop
  • Conducted in the premises of the client / or any location arranged for by client
  • Cost of workshop is is decided based on the number of days of training, type of workshop, number of attendees, level of tailoring required and any additional services required (for example, post-workshop ) assessment of candidates
  • For workshops out of Bangalore, the travel and stay is to be arranged and paid for by the client
  • Take a decision based on the following inputs:
    • Works out if you have 8 or more trainees
    • You want a tailored workshop in terms of contents and/or exercises
    • You want me to conduct a workshop, but there is no upcoming public workshop from me as per your dates
    • You want assessment of candidates after the training
    • You want a workshop focused on your employees in terms of my attention
[/one-half] [one-half-last] [header]Public Workshops[/header]
  • Conducted at a good hotel where I make all the arrangements
  • Cost is on a per-person basis. At times, discounts are applicable for group registrations. The cost is inclusive of food, stationery and other things needed for the training.
  • Cost could vary depending on the type of the training, number of days of training etc.
  • For out-station attendees, the travel and stay arrangement is to be arranged and paid for by the candidate(s).
  • Payment is to be made in advance to block a seat.
  • Take a decision based on the following inputs
    • You are an individual or a couple of friends who want to undergo a training programme
    • You are a company who has 7 or less trainees to be sponsored
    • You are a company and you are looking forward to a generic training programme without tailoring of contents
    • You are a company and you are not looking forward to a post-training assessment
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